Ladies Auxiliary

The Legion

The LEGION was founded in November 1925 in Winnipeg and chartered in 1926 by special Act of Parliament. However, veteran welfare and assistance had been carried on since 1916. During the 1914-1916 War Years as wounded veterans returned home, women were asked to help with their recovery by visiting hospitals, sending parcels to hospitalized and needy families and raising funds. In general, these ladies served the veterans and their dependents.


The LADIES AUXILIARY in this Command was not officially chartered until later. They are organized into a COMMAND-wide organization known as the PROVINCIAL COUNCIL LADIES AUXILIARY, MANITOBA and NORTHWESTERN ONTARIO COMMAND. The objectives of this organization are to coordinate the work of the Auxiliaries within this Command and co-operate with the Legion in its purposes.



Membership in the Ladies' Auxiliary is open to a woman who:

  • is of Good Character.
  • has reached the age of 18 years old and is eligible to be a member of the Royal Canadian Legion.
  • Is willing to work for the Aims and Objects of The Royal Canadian Legion and its Auxiliaries


Life Membership

Any member of the Auxiliary may be considered for a Life Membership for outstanding service, after fifteen years of continuous service.


Major Projects



Assisting with perpetuating the tradition of Remembrance through activities surrounding ceremonies and events on, or around, November 11th. This includes a National Poster and Literacy contest for students in our school system to participate in each year with awards at Branch, Zone, District, Provincial and Dominion Levels.




Our members work to improve the quality of life for all in our communities, especially those who are less fortunate, less privileged, or in failing health. In many cases, LEGION HOUSING has been built and is maintained by the Branch with the assistance from the LADIES' AUXILIARY.




The Auxiliaries annually support the sick and visiting work carried on by the Joint Hospital Committee. This dedicated committee visits all hospitalized veterans in the urban area.


As our veterans age, the need increases, as well as the costs. The Auxiliaries have been most supportive of this work with generous donations to assist with the purchase of gifts and necessities for those hospitalized veterans.


Also, many of the Auxiliary members visit the hospitals and nursing homes on a weekly basis, bringing a cheery smile and conversation to the residents.


Ladies Auxiliary